Sunshine Coast Tiny Tots


Universal Child Care Prototype

Sunshine Coast Tiny Tots is participating the Universal Child Care Initiative running from April 1, 2020 - March 30 2021. During this time, child care fees will be $10.00/day totaling $200/month per child.

Affordable Child Care Benefit

The affordable child care benefit provides families with reduced or fully covered child care fees depending on your income bracket.

Child Care Resource and Referral

The CCRR provides us with access to a lending library of toys, books, and equipment. We also have access to workshops and training opportunities for staff and families. The CCRR staff also come to visit us and host circle time and other fun activities!

Supported Child Development

We work with Supported Child Development to provide funded support for any child with extra needs. We aim to provide the best care possible for each child we care for including children with extra needs. Supported child development helps us to achieve this goal by funding a support staff to provide that extra needed care. If this is something you feel your child may need once enrolled, we are happy to assist in the enrollment process.